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by Hydrolore

 Our farming principles are as organic as we can practically be and on route the journey to this level of excellence we discovered many possibilities that could enlighten people's interaction with nature and farming from the comforts of your home.

As Covid-19 pandemic struck us, we as an organization and as individuals had to adapt to sustainable living and a sustainable future,  an inspiration which we were already working on in our farm from 2018.

We believe there is a farmer in you who just needs help.

As the population and capitalism grows, farming has become a labor intrinsic nightmare, thus ,
we decided to change the way we approach the idea,
our founder questioned himself and his think-tank about giving perennial access to every home to grow their own produce with the least interaction and energy thus reducing the dependence on only conventional agriculture and reducing the pressure on the farmer.

From our personal interaction with this engagement, we discovered the act of growing creates more value in our lives and to those in direct interaction with it.

We believe it can help you and your family witness and experience natural therapy and also impart the values of growth, right on your terrace or a garden patch next to your house.  

Our hydroponic system is designed with self sustaining solar panels to further reduce the carbon foot print ,your vegetables carry home.


Our yields have been fantastic over the trial period of 6 seasons and we have discovered that we can even bend the seasonal cycle by providing conducive environment for the plant.

We can set this up for anybody anywhere.

Check us out in the link below,

Hydroponic Systems - Self sustaining, Minimal Cost

After many years of working with experts and helping their researches on sustainable farming, we have discovered the

“Minimum Costing Self Sustaining Hydroponic System” which needs
minimum human intervention and that yields very good produce if easy procedures are followed.

We can help you grow anything you want where ever you want.


Wet waste or black gold?

One man's waste is another man's treasure

We are here to educate you to process your waste to a consumable product, which creates a cleaner and healthier society for your children and your grand-children and their children.

Imagine reducing your dependence on the governments to clean your wet waste and saving your tax payer money by converting your daily wet waste to reusable fertilizer or black gold that we can buy back from you as a promise.

We believe as a generation of forward thinkers we must  reduce our dependency on others to manage our waste responsibly and

It is our responsibility to educate our children that waste management is our responsibility towards the planet and keep it safe.

Hands in the Soil

Maximum Utilization farming

As we believe we can help you produce a variety of co existentail vegetables in a your garden patch as we have using the black gold reffered above as a medium with cocopete and soil. This shall help you grow a variety in a systematic manner.

Check us out in the link below,

Organic Vegetables
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