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Our Cancelation Policy

As our capacity is limited, our clients book and commit in advance for the served experience as it takes a lot of effort to bring the best for them thus we levy cancellation charges as follows, 

Unto 72 hours to Service - Its free for you to reschedule as per availability.

Unto 48 hours to Service - Up to 50% will be charged for rescheduling as per availability.

Unto 36 hours to Service - Up to 70% will be charged for your reschedule as per availability.

After, 36 hours before service, we will be forced to charge you up to 85% for your reschedule as our bookings for the cancelled date stops 24 hour prior to service. 

We appreciate and thank you for your understanding and support.

Contact us and we will do our best to keep your frown upside down.


+91 8050248469



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